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Currency: Euro

Capital: Athens

Language: Greek

Winter ave. Temp: 10

Summer ave. Temp: 29

We help you to find yourself in Greece! The colourful streets of Greece, ancient sites that are just waiting to be discovered, energetic nightlife and heaven-like beaches, many adventures and activities, culture and history. A perfect holiday location for both adventurers and nature lovers. Travel with us and experience memorable holidays through the exclusive Lotus Voyager knowledge.


Let us successfully plan your MICE groups, leisure groups and business trips with a rich selection of activities, from remarkable beaches to the historical and ancient lands of Greece.


Colorful and alive, Greece.

Greece at a Glance

Our top 7 things to do in Greece

Connect with the history at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo.

Observe the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia

Explore the ancient times in Athens.

Take a step into heaven in the Greek Islands.

Visit the Acropolis Museum.

Experience the Old Venetian Harbor.

Find salvation in the bluest seas of Greece.

Food in Greece


A combination of eggplant, ground meat, onion and béchamel sauce.


Best Street food you can get in Greece. It’s either a skewer with cubes of pork or chicken, or served wrapped on pita bread with gyros, tomato, and tzatziki


It’s a stuffed eggplants meatloaf, cooked with lots of good olive oil. Topped with a rich bechamel sauce and then baked

Other things to know

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This tour covers Vienna, Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, Mostar and Zagreb for your best memories.


Tour starts in North Macedonia, Skopje, then continue to Ohrid, Macedonian pearl, after goes to Albania, Tirana where from will discover Albanian sea coast. Explore historical city of Durres and Vlore and finish the tour in Antique Greece, second largest city, Thessaloniki.