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Currency: Croatian Kuna

Capital: Zagreb

Language: Croatian

Winter ave. Temp: 9

Summer ave. Temp: 25

Our 30 years of DMC experience coupled with this fascinating country, will provide you with unforgettable memories. The historical touches of the old town, astonishing walls that are used in Game of Thrones, fascinating views and adventures, a blend of history, culture, and modernity. Now, it is time for adventurism, relaxation, and a wholesome holiday. Travel with us and experience unforgettable holidays through the exclusive Lotus Voyager knowledge.


Let us successfully plan your MICE groups, leisure groups and business trips with a rich selection of activities, from dazzling historical locations to the gorgeous cities of Croatia.


A perfect blend of history and the modern world, Croatia.

Croatia at a Glance

Our top 7 things to do in Crotia

Experience the capital city, Zagreb

Take a lovely path through coastline at Opatija

Amazed by view of Plitvice

Admire the architecture of the old town of Dubrovnik

Walk through the Stradun street

Live inside the Game Of Thrones series and take a selfie at Walls of Dubrovnik

Take a look at the city with a bird's eye view

Food in Croatia

Crni rižot

A black risotto with the distinctive colouring and satisfying flavour, squid and other seafood the meaty ingredients


A grilled dish consisting of a spiced meat patty mixture of pork, beef and lamb. Balkain cousin of the hamburger.


A delicious desert of milk, eggs and sugar, and for the unique aroma a liqueur made from roses known as Rosalin, served with creme caramel.

Other things to know

Guaranteed Departure Guided Tours 2022 - 2023

This tour covers Vienna, Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, Mostar and Zagreb for your best memories.


The tour will guide you through central Europe, one of the most beautiful towns in Budapest, Vienna and Prague!


Discover the fascinating culture of Budapest and Vienna during the lovely winter, fulfilled with white and romantic views.


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A unique journey to Croatia! Explore one of the most beautiful sea coasts, the Adriatic, climb up on Dubrovnik walls, and finish the tour in Croatia's main city, Zagreb.


Take a tour through 4 different countries. Begin in Serbia, Belgrade, pass via Zagreb and Ljubljana, final stop will be in beautiful Venice.


Explore one of the most beautiful sea coasts, Adriatic. Take and adventure starting from Montenegro, Podgorica, pass through Budva and Kotor, climb up on Dubrovnik walls , see Diocletian’s cellar in Split, enjoy in Zadar and finish the tour in Croatia main city, Zagreb.