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Small Balkan Tour 7D/6N



A perfect blend of history and the modern world Whether it's the MICE group or the adventure travellers, there is always a new place for you in Croatia for different impressions.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Croatia (Dubrovnik, Zagreb)

Discover the Balkans and all the wonders that it has to offer. Explore Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Zagreb with us.

DAY 1 - Sarajevo

Arrival at Sarajevo Airport. Meeting and transfer to the local restaurant for lunch. In the afternoon, walking tour in the city. Dinner at a local restaurant.

DAY 2 - Sarajevo

Full-day city tour in Sarajevo: Vijećnica, Inat Kuća, old twon and Baščaršija, old market place built during the Ottoman period. Lunch at a local restaurant. Free time for shopping. Dinner at a local restaurant.

DAY 3 - Dubrovnik

Drive to Dubrovnik. Lunch at a local restaurant. Arrival to Dubrovnik and walking tour in the old town. Dinner at a local restaurant.

DAY 4 - Dubrovnik

Full-day city tour in Dubrovnik: The Old Port, Cathedral, Quarantine, St. Blasius church, Orlando column, Rector's Palace, a 700-year-old pharmacy, Sponza Palace and stories of Ragusa. Lunch at a local restaurant. Dinner at a local restaurant.

DAY 5 - Zagreb

Drive to Zagreb. Lunch at a local restaurant on route. Arrival to Zagreb. Panoramic city tour. Check-in to the hotel. Dinner at a local restaurant.

DAY 6 - Zagreb

Full-day city tour in Zagreb: Gornji grad (Upper town), the Presidential Palace, St. Mark’s, Church, the Croatian parliament. Lunch at a local restaurant. Visit the other extraordinary district of the 19th century Donji grad (Lower town). Dinner at a local restaurant.

DAY 7 - Zagreb

7 Free time till departure. Transfer to the Zagreb Airport for your safe flight back home!

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